Cecile Arndt lives in Toowoomba where she has her studio and teaching facilities for working in silk painting and Exhibiting her Silk Art. Cecile’s main focus is in teaching and encouraging, and has facilitated  many community projects, including:  Birdsville to the south-west and  as far north as Cloncurry. Cecile can often be found conducting community projects or public workshops in the region.

    Her career as a textile artist spans many years covering varied techniques. Over 10 years ago she discovered the medium of Silk Painting, and is self-taught, inquisitive and eager to continuously try new ideas.  


 “As a Textile Artisan, I am excited with colours, the way they vibrate, and bounce off each other. Silk painting is more than a colour experience, it is an adventure.  As an artist my goal and challenge is to use soft, sensual silk fabric to render the character of my subjects. My intention is to put the viewer right there, to experience the mood, and to journey with me into a ‘special’ place. I find myself totally captivated with the endless possibilities of painting on silk, how lines, colours, shades and even the use of salt, can give the painting a life of its own and even change the atmosphere”.

Silk painting is traditionally a very formal and restrictive art process; She has been exploring new ways to change subject matter and break boundaries to express her art using this amazing medium.

As a member of MET Galleries in Toowoomba she has found another avenue to share and encourage the general public through her art medium and life skills.

 “Policymakers now realise that the arts are about more than having a good time.  They are being widely recognised as a measure of community health and a tool to improve and even save lives. Share in some practical strategies about how the arts serve as a vehicle to address disadvantage.”

Quote by Regional Arts Australia “Art at the heart 2008”